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Dr. Dori Anne Abbott is now the general editor of Smarr Publishers. With Dori's insight and imagination, we hope to offer even more innovative solutions for your education needs in the humanities. Dori can be reached via email at dorianneabbott$ (replace $ with @).

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If you have a question about your order or need information, contract Gloria Watson at 478-394-2868.

Reading Classical Literature: The Intelligent Choice!

Reading books can help your brain--of that there is little doubt. But a new scientific study and a recently released book have taken that concept to an entirely new level, showing that what you read, how you read, and how you apply lessons learned from the experience could have a tremendous impact on your thought-processes and problem-solving skills. Read more!

Why the new format?

The cost of printing and shipping has become burdensome to our customers' wallets. Sure, we can pass the increase in costs to our customers, but education is difficult and expensive enough without adding governmental inflation to the mix. Since all materials are electronic, the cost of the materials has been lowered. By offering our courses and study guides in an online format, you have the choice of downloading or printing only what you need at the time you need it. You will experience no more lost materials either, whether because of a move or a crashed computer! Your purchases never expires. So, if you have younger children, they will be able to use the materials at a later date. Also, you receive access to your purchases immediately. There is no delay in the mail. Access is always just your password away. To sample what the new format will be like, check out our Introduction to the Short Story study guide!

What we have to offer

Frankly, we are conscious of the fact that there are many fine curriculum companies with excellent educational materials. However, we are different because our materials are student-driven. Each lesson gives the reading assignment for the student, and the comprehension questions provide a tangible means for having the student accountable for the readings. Parents do not have to be familiar with the works that the students are reading. We believe that the whole book approach to literature is best. The student experiences closure several times during a semester, keeping interest high, instead of having to read an anthology for the entire school year.

While the content in the guides differ to some extent, the student can expect an internet link to a biography of the author, usually a link to SparkNotes or some other critical treatment of the work, and often a link to a movie or documentary about the work. This screen shot of one of our courses is representive of what you can expect with your purchase. All online files can be saved to your hard drive or printed.

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This page offers replacement vocabulary quizzes and texts for some of the units without cost.

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Online High School Diploma: This site offers a comprehesive online high school program that students can use to improve reading, writing, and other educational skills.

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